Montreal Outdoor Living team worked closely with the owner to design and construct a low-maintenance urban rooftop terrace outdoor area that would accommodate the relaxed lifestyle which the company is renowned for.

Instead of having a grassy area, which is a high-maintenance, the designer decided to insert artificial turf. It’s adding texture and color to the floor plan.

’’The most important factor when designing this home was lifestyle,’’ says Francis Lefebvre. This combination of luxurious fittings, custom design and correct product selection provided this rooftop terrace with atmosphere designed for living.

The main designer decided to insert an important shade system. It has been custom designed to offer maximum protection from the elements while still giving a sense of being in an open space.

The unique wood benches, we can find custom cousins. Each peace is made from all-weather synthetic weave that is virtually maintenance-free and safe to leave out in the sun and rain.

’’The years of experience we offer are a comforting assurance to our clients in transforming their dream into a reality’’ said Francis Lefebvre, owner of Montreal Outdoor Living.

Construction of this outstanding urban rooftop terrace