A great example of modern outdoor design would be our rooftop terrace which demonstrates how a beautiful modern patio can be perfectly integrated into a smaller outdoor area; such as those present in densely populated areas of the city.This space contains a vast sitting area that can easily entertain many guests or be used for sunbathing, as well as an outdoor shower for those hot summer days, and seamlessly integrated gardens to bring life to the surroundings.The objective of this project was to maximize the efficiency of the space while retaining the minimalist style of the house for which it was built. For limited upkeep, all materials used for this modern terrace were chosen for their resistance to Montreal weather; even the plants were chosen to ensure minimal care taking efforts. The drainage is assured by the slope of the rooftop since the tiles were apposed in a manner that permits water to seep through and trickle off the terrace. The sitting area also includes versatile storage under the seats which can contain all the cushions with ample room for more should need be.

More picture of the Modern Rooftop Terrace in Outremont