This rooftop garden located in the heart of Outremont has been specially designed by Montreal Outdoor Living designers. It has been designed especially for clients who wanted to maximize the space of their residence.

The space has been designed with not only a wide range of use, but also use both day and night. Many lighting elements make meetings between friends and family even more animated all summer long. Combine with the construct wood elements, the space become an ultimate outdoor experience.

The built elements such as seat and BBQ unit have been specially designed by Montreal Outdoor Living. Because every element of this space is unique, the character is worthy of it.

The space rooftop was also designed to be representative of, and complementary to, the architectural style of the house. In addition, the modern formal interior is reflected in every aspect of the landscape design, creating an effortless flow from inside to out.


Construction of the Rooftop Garden Outdoor Living Experience