Urban Green Backyard

This project was a real challenge for the designer. The garden is really small and needed a lot of work. The main idea was to create a unique space where the client can easily interact with friend and family and also maximize the space.

In order to create a great atmosphere, the team decided to add a water feature. The sound created by the waterfall give the opportunity for the client to enjoy is backyard in a relaxing ambiance. Because this water feature is unique and made by the Montreal Outdoor Living team, it fits perfectly the space. It’s the perfect size and the colors were chosen in order to create a contrast with the rest of the space. Lighting was placed at the bottom of the waterfall to maximize the use of space, even in the evening.

To meet customer demand to minimize garden maintenance, Montreal Outdoor Living decided to install a high-quality synthetic turf. The designer chose a very natural model that fits perfectly with the rest of the space.

The mix of materials gives an interesting effect. The combination of wood, paving stone, decorative stone and wood gives the space a unique character.

During its several years in business, Montreal Outdoor Living is an expert in the field, offering sound advice, creating ideas and great service.

Urban Green Backyard – Final Result

Urban Green Backyard – Construction