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Contemporary, modern or timeless landscaping…

Specializing in turn-key projects, Montreal Outdoor Living offers you its services if you have a landscaping project requiring the involvement of multiple sub-contractors. After establishing a plan to meet your needs, our teams will take over the realization of your project.

Here are a few acts of the play which could take place in the theater of your yard:

  • Minimalist Pine Steps 01

  • Minimalist Pine Steps 02

  • Minimalist Pine Steps 03

Minimalist Pine Steps

One of Outdoor Living’s most beautifully subtle creations are the minimalist steps that immediately infers a superior taste and sophistication level. Our stairs are made of certified Canadian pine wood that radiates heartiness unlike any other material. The single support structure for our pine steps also gives one the impression that they are floating which is a always a great way to catch the eye of onlookers.

Child Friendly Gardens, Kids Area

One of the most wonderful things we can do for our children is allow them to play freely in a safe and interesting environment that engages, educates, and inspires them to greater heights. Our gardens can offer the perfect place for children to play in ways that stimulate their imagination, let them learn about nature and exercise their bodies.

Creating a garden for play doesn’t necessarily mean including play equipment. It’s about designing gardens that encourage a child’s sense of adventure and exploration by using different surfaces, textures and levels in the landscape. Child friendly gardens can be much more than the usual sandbox. It can include winding paths to chase each other through plants and foliage, a smooth surface made of recycled rubber for safety or even a climbing wall. And it doesn’t have to be childish, it can also be stylish.

  • Modern-Shed

  • Modern Shed 05

  • Modern Shed 01

Modern Shed Construction

In order to give our customers a more modern space, which fits with their landscaping, it was necessary for us to develop our own range of sheds. These sheds have sharp lines and neutral colors. These sheds are specially designed by our designers and architects. Their design is as unique as your project. It’s the same for their characteristics. Doors and windows that compose them are also the choice of designers and clients.

Once added to the layout, it is more than just a simple shed, rather it is a key element of landscaping that blends perfectly with the style of your home and meets your taste in design. So that this element is an integral part of overall concept, it is also possible to add the lighting and the framing by vegetation. It will be framed and integrated into your space.

Modern Outdoor Bathroom

Outdoor bathrooms are a great way to enjoy your backyard in the most relaxing and intimate settings. Montreal Outdoor Living team are well versed in the subtle art of bringing a room in which one could feel vulnerable to the outdoors without losing the sense of intimacy that reassures us all when we are using the bathroom. The possibilities of the outdoor facilities are limited only by budget and spacial restraints, wether a shower or bath, open area or enclosed; the sophistication of an outdoor bathroom is a matter completely up to the client’s demands. The selection of the proper materials is an equally important step in the process as it determines the look and feel of your shower area. Geographical location as well as weather constraints must both be kept in mind while designing the outdoor bathroom as the right type of wood must be selected depending on the humidity levels or the right type of stone to avoid erosion on Oceanside properties. Ever want to get the most out of your home, then give us a call and we’ll on give you a true reason to feel like you’re vacation in your backyard.

  • Contemporary-Outdoor-Kitchen-01

  • IMG_0164

  • IMG_0215

Modern Outdoor Kitchen

The most important part of spending time in your backyard with your family is making sure that your surroundings provide everything you could possibly need for the widest range of situations. This is where we introduce our contemporary outdoor kitchens sets, which seamlessly integrates a standard barbecue and other kitchen appliances such as cutting boards, dining table, etc with rest of your terrace. The outdoor kitchen experience is unlike any other thanks to its sense of unity that it shares not only with the patio but also with the house; making you feel like anywhere you go on your property is as comfortable as the inside of your home. As always we accomplish these outdoor rooms in a minimalist style that complements any modern design and will surely be the envy of all your guests.

Eco-Friendly Irrigation

Essential to the growth and survival of plant life, a proper watering will be provided by an irrigation system that is both durable and efficient, installed by qualified professionals.The most obvious benefits of an automatic underground watering system are a lush and magnificent home landscape. There are, however, many advantages that are less visible.
– Freedom from hand watering so you can enjoy more leisure time
– Efficient use of water
– Healthier grass and plant growth
– Lower water bills
– higher property value

Whether your landscape is an elaborate design of turf, shrubs, trees, plants, or minimalist in nature, Outdoor Living offers the automatic sprinkler system components you need for a beautiful and healthy landscape.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Modern LED Lighting
To maximize the enjoyment of your home, nothing compares to a well thought lighting system. Weither it be to highlight the house and points of interests, to demark an alley, or create a warm and inviting environment; Our team of lighting professionals will know how to highlight the beauty of your home.Montreal Outdoor Living Design uses a range of lights from in-lite with integrated framework which can therefore be integrated into wood, concrete, natural stone, etc… The inline frames are made of various materials from paved concrete and steel brass, impact resistant polycarbonate and aluminum. These frames are adapted to the dimensions of the pavement materials to preserve the unity of the assembly after integration. This range of lights draws attention in the dark and goes almost unnoticed in the daylight. Once built, they can accentuate a beautiful tree in the garden or to mark a path or driveway.

Retaining walls

  • Construction of Flora Exposition in Old Port of Montreal 16

  • Construction of Flora Exposition in Old Port of Montreal 14

  • West Island Outdoor Living Construction 01

Earth moving & excavation

In order to begin construction on a new site it must first be excavated, thankfully our specialized excavation team is equipped to tackle any job from driveways, to patio, or any other potential application.

Planting and water gardens

The professionals of Montreal Outdoor Living gardening team can help with all of your landscape projects no matter how big. Our creativity and flair combined with your needs and personnal style will result in something truly remarkable. Once we have the plans in hand, our specialized team will make your dreams become reality.

Plants offered:
-Mature tree planting
-Cedar hedge planting
-Perrenial plant planting
-Synthetic eco-friendly turf installation
-Rooftop plants planting
-Tropical plants planting

Interlock uni-pave and paving stone

Modern Paving Solutions

Patio concrete tiles & interlocking blocks

Natural stone