Combining formal and contemporary design elements, the front garden of this property makes a lasting impression.  The garden was also designed to be representative of, and complementary to, the architectural style of the house.  In addition, the modern formal interior is reflected in every aspect of the landscape, creating an effortless flow from inside to out.

“The owners wanted a contemporary garden that would be drought-tolerant and low-maintenance.  And they wanted a design that would be unique, drawing on diverse influences,” says designer Francis Lefebvre.  From front to back, the design is contemporary yet timeless and a perfect foil for the architectural style of the house.  “With all of our designs we focus on not over designing.  The best results are always achieved through simplicity and sophistication,” says Francis.

The aim of this design project was to create an area where the owners could entertain guests as well as have an area to play with their children.  With an eye to sustainability and ease of maintenance, low-water-use plants predominate and garden beds are heavily mulched.  The use of LED lighting is another eco-friendly initiative.

As a pool fence, glass fence was used to enable home owners to capitalize on views and their home’s design, turning what is a necessity by law into a striking statement.  Not only it is stylish, it also allows the parents to keep an eye on their kids from anywhere in the garden.