This stunning interior pool has many attractive features, but without a doubt, the most striking is the rectilinear outlines of the swimming area, which create a beautiful water surface as smooth as a sheet of glass.

Created by the team of Montreal outdoor living, this pool was planned to create clean, straight lines to complement the contemporary design of this downtown habitation tower. The regular shape of the pool gives it another point of interest, making it an eye-catching water feature that follows the lines of the luxury space.

A large space has been created right next to the pool. It’s specially design to maximize the relaxing ambiance and complement the pool.  On the floor, to create a minimalist division between the two areas, an insertion of black tiles has been installed. The contrast with the white tiles complements the contemporary design.

To create the illusion of a larger space, mirrors have been installed at several specific places.  There is some on the columns and also in frames on different walls.

From the tile flooring to the wood decking, the emphasis is on high-quality materials. Says the designer Francis Lefebvre, ’’Choosing good materials is the key to a successful outcome. That’s why we choose the ipe exotic wood from Brazil to create the spa space.’’

Luxury Interior Pool Area – Final Result

Luxury Interior Pool Area – Construction