This is a special relaxation space entirely dedicated to the employees. The client wanted Montreal Outdoor Living to create a unique space where employees can retire for a few moments and take a step back from their work. The whole process of design was around the maximization of a calm ambiance.

The main idea was to provide a space entirely serene to employees where natural elements will allow a complete evasion during breaks. The custom-designed water feature can definitely provide an escape especially due to the sounds produced by the waterfall.

Different paths have been made in order to allow a complete escape in minutes.

The large well-established vegetation creates not only a sense of sanctuary for the outdoor space, but serves also to gently screen the surrounding residences, providing both shading and refuge. During autumn the changes in foliage color combine beautifully with the pavement of the garden. The range of seasonal foliage color also juxtaposes with blocks of solid natural colors, creating a sense of both difference and harmony.