Combining formal and contemporary design elements, the garden of this West Island habitation tower makes a lasting impression. The owner wanted a contemporary garden that would be low-maintenance. He also wanted a design that would be unique.

From all the sides of this property, the design is contemporary yet timeless and a perfect foil for the architectural styling of the building. The hardscape elements combined with the softscape features create a lasting impression in this modern design. The planting of rudbeckia, sedum and lavender integrate beautifully with the colors of the paving.

To complete this exceptional design, the team installed an outdoor kitchen. It includes a barbecue and some cabinets. These photos have been taken during the construction. In summer 2013, look-out for our new pictures of this project.

Each element of this gorgeous design contributes to its stylish and contemporary design. Perfect for entertaining or relaxing on the lakeshore, this space is as fuss-free as it is fantastic.

Francis and Steve Lefebvre, owners of Montreal Outdoor Living, create exclusive outdoor living spaces. The company offers the full range of services, from design to construction, and has the skills and experience to tackle any landscaping job.