This landscaping project has been entirely realized in order to meet customer requirements. He wanted a specific place where everyone could go take a rest and just enjoy the roof terrace. This place was designated because of the beautiful views it offers.

This site is not only unique in terms of aesthetics, it is also at the functional level. Different structures were built in order to create more shaded areas for those hot summer days. This makes it the ideal place for meeting friends and family.

On the rooftop, the mixture of paving blocks and woods add a certain visual appeal to the space. Adding lighting gives a dramatic effect and allows use both day and night. Says Francis Lefebvre, ’’The best results are always achieved through simplicity and sophistication.’’

The client wanted a space that would be absolutely low maintenance. The synthetic turf was perfect for the project. It is the same for plants that will be installed next year. Be on the lookout for new photos in summer 2013!