Description du projet

Montreal Outdoor Living can create for you custom water features that fit each of your projects. They are conceptualized by custom designers of Montreal Outdoor Living, depending on your style and needs. Water walls are structural elements of landscaping and can even become pieces of art according to the materials and the model chosen. The wall of water, depending on its location and other elements of landscaping, can be the focal point and become the key space.

A range of option is available to you. Among these, you can choose to integrate the wall of water to your pool or to integrate it as an independent element of landscaping. Depending on your choice, the effect will be different, but one thing is certain, the atmosphere that this element will create will certainly be interesting. Depending on the materials chosen, the effect of water flowing on the walls will be different, but still attractive.

We can add lighting to your project wall of water and it will become the focal point once in the evening. The noise of the waterfall will probably allow you to relax and enjoy your space to the maximum.