Description du projet

Outdoor bathrooms are a great way to enjoy your backyard in the most relaxing and intimate settings. Our Outdoor Living team are well versed in the subtle art of bringing a room in which one could feel vulnerable to the outdoors without losing the sense of intimacy that reassures us all when we are using the bathroom. The possibilities of the outdoor facilities are limited only by budget and spacial restraints, wether a shower or bath, open area or enclosed; the sophistication of an outdoor bathroom is a matter completely up to the client’s demands. The selection of the proper materials is an equally important step in the process as it determines the look and feel of your shower area. Geographical location as well as weather constraints must both be kept in mind while designing the outdoor bathroom as the right type of wood must be selected depending on the humidity levels or the right type of stone to avoid erosion on Oceanside properties. Ever want to get the most out of your home, then give us a call and we’ll on give you a true reason to feel like you’re vacation in your backyard.