Description du projet

At Montreal Outdoor Living, we  often use Trex Composite Decking, our team is especially trained and certified with the Trex Pro Platinum certification to properly install composite wood terraces.  Composite wood deck are very advantageous over natural wood decks which require much more care and upkeep.  Trex Composite Decking  are virtually maintenance free except for the occasional cleaning. Our composite patios are also ecologically friendly as they are made of recycled materials such as plastic and wood. Since our team is trained to install these modern decks we can customize the shape and size of the terrace to suit any of the client’s needs. Buying a Trex Composite Decking instead of natural is more costly initially but it is money that is easily invested when you think of how much less maintenance will be necessary to upkeep your patio. Finally, composite wood offers a uniform coloring that is evenly beautiful throughout its surface.